Catching Up

After 10 days in Michigan, and digging out of the 10+ inches of snow that was dumped on us the LAST DAY we were there, and almost 13 hours on the road, we made it back home last night. I can’t tell you how good it felt to sleep in my own bed last night, and to have my own freshly ground and brewed coffee this morning. I’m slowly catching up on all my email and news, and hopefully will be back with more this afternoon. I managed to read two more books while I was gone, but since I didn’t review them yet, I’m going to count them toward next year’s total and give myself a head start.
Overall, we had a good time in Michigan, though Ellie would have loved it if that snow had come a few days earlier. And don’t ask me about King-Five suited. Fold that crap, stupid! Christmas was fun for the kids, though Ellie has been complaining about how she didn’t get her Dora baby twins and some other stuff (I’m sure my parents will quickly say how familiar that sounds!). Evan is the ultimate in giving positive feedback though. His face when he got his Ikea push toy just lit up, and he’s hardly put the thing down since. And Lisa and I even got to go see a movie! (National Treasure 2, which was a mild disappointment, but still fairly fun, especially when you can say that you’ve seen the Resolute desk up close.)
OK, time to catch up on work.