Evan’s Walking

My goodness, this poor kid gets the shaft for being second-born, and he’s barely a year old! This time, I has been remiss in mentioning that Evan started walking. He’s been doing it for a couple of weeks now, and the official “10 steps” moment came last week sometime. Now, he tends toward toddling everywhere, which makes it harder to keep track of him. When he was crawling, he was very noisy (thud thud thud across the floor). Now we have to rely on him vocalizing the fact that he is walking and use the doppler effect to pinpoint his location.
It should be a lot of fun seeing him and cousin Sam toddling around after each other this Christmas.

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  1. Today, Ellie and Evan were holding hands, giggling and dancing to “Jingle Bells”. His feet couldn’t keep up with Ellie’s though. I took video so maybe you can put it up sometime?


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