Amazon 30 Day Price Guarantee

I just saved an extra $6 on my holiday shopping! How? By using’s 30 day price protection guarantee. I filled out a form, and literally 10 minutes later, I got an email informing me that I was getting a refund.
If you want to get a price drop refund, just follow these simple steps (blatantly stolen from FiveCentNickel):
(1) Visit “Your Account” and look at all invoices from the past thirty days.
(2) Click on the item names to pull up the current item description/price and compare to the price that you paid.
(3) If you paid more than the current price, copy down the order number and go to:
» Returns and Refunds Contact Form
(4) Check of the item(s) in question and then click the e-mail button. Select “Refund Inquiry” as your subject.
(5) In the body of the message, tell them that the price dropped and that you want to be credited for the difference. It might help to mention the item name as well as old and new price, but I’m not sure that’s entirely is necessary.
That’s it. And keep in mind that this even works if you used a coupon and/or “Buy Both & Save” deal and the regular price later drops, even if the new ‘regular’ price is higher than what you paid after the coupon/discount.
Here’s a tool to help you keep track of your purchases and any price drops: PriceProtectr (with the obligatory vowel dropped). You enter the URL of your item, and optionally when you bought it and what you paid for it (the tool will automatically fetch the current price for you), enter your email address, and they’ll monitor the price for 30 days and let you know if it drops.