I posed this question to Jenn today:
Is it considered spoiling if we have as much fun(or more) doing the things for the kids as they have?

We have been getting to do some pretty cool things lately, most of them as a family. I have mentioned previously that we(or I) had been able to go to a couple KU football games and a KU basketball game. Those were without the kids. But last week we took the kids to their (and Jenn’s) first KU basketball game. They were playing Florida Atlantic so the place wasn’t totally full. We took our seats in the upper part of the GA section. We figured it was more important to have a little room around us so the kids could be antsy/squirmy and we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone getting bumped or otherwise. Austin was very much into the game in the first half, cheering and clapping every time the Jayhawks scored. He faded quickly in the second half. Taylor started slow and was more interested in getting some popcorn and a soda than she was in the game. The second half was better for her as she got into it a little more.

On to Friday night! We were able to get some tickets to High School Musical on Ice at the Sprint Center. Jenn and I were more excited for the kids than we were for the actual show. As the night went on, I think we got more into the show than they were. I thought it was awesome! The skaters were far more talented on the ice than I expected. The characters were pretty similar looking to the real characters than I anticipated and of course we already enjoyed the music from the movie.

Sunday I had the opportunity to go to the Chiefs game with some friends (thanks Brett!!). Brett, Bryan and Jeff were the other three guys dumb enough to brave the conditions. We had a pretty good system going to keep us warm enough to get by and enjoy ourselves. First, we started with a few games of washers, a king of the court type of format. Brett was winless for the first round and I think we all felt pretty good about that. We hopped in the car to warm up and play some cards. The game was hockey, which I haven’t played in years…I forgot how fun hockey was. We did that circuit one more time(including Brett going winless in washers) and followed it up with some darn good pulled pork(again, thanks Brett!). We got one last quick game of washers for Brett’s ego and then we went into the game. It was stinking cold. The Chiefs started off pretty good. They played well on defense and figured out a way to get one of their best athletes involved on both sides of the ball. That would be Jared Allen, one of the few bright spots on a pretty bad team. One of the ways we kept the was playing a little game within the game. We each put in a buck and passed around a ‘cup’, actually a glove. If the team on offense did not get a first down, the person with the cup put in a dollar. If the offense committed a turnover(int, fumble, missed FG, turnover on downs), the person put in two dollars. If the offense made a first down, the person takes a dollar. For field goals, the person takes three. For TDs, the person takes it all. Each time your put in or take out, you pass the ‘cup’. We went through four times and we each won…except? That’s right, Brett. Did I mention he also drove and put me up after I came home to an empty and locked house? man, I owe that guy some brewskis.

Finally, today Jenn was blessed with two tickets to the Hannah Montana concert at the Sprint Center. She was pretty psyched, as was I!! I convinced her to take Taylor to the concert for a little girls’ night. I took Austin to Red Robin for a burger and we came home to have a movie night. Santa Clause 3 – The Escape Clause was showing on the big screen(in the basement). Jenn checked in and said that the Jonas Brothers(the opening act for HM) were really good and Hannah was just starting up. Taylor made a sign for Hannah, I wonder if she could see it??

In summary…I think we have all been a little spoiled lately.

Pictures coming, some sooner than others.








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  1. How in the hell did you score Hanna Montana tickets? Absolutely impossible to get here for anything less than $400 a pop (for nose bleed seats!). Maria told me they had to turn down over 30 requests for Make a Wish although they did get quite a few in.
    Saw High School Musical on Ice too. It is a good show and the intent of the producers was to get skaters that looked like the actual actors from the movies.


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