Freebie Update

I’m obsessed with this freebie thing now. I’ve done 2 $500 gift card offers, and the first one has now been confirmed, all I’m waiting on is for it to be shipped (which I hear takes quite a while). (Update: I’ve actually been confirmed on both gift cards as of today, so I’ve got $1000 in cards waiting to be shipped. Rock. I should also mention that it’s been very easy to cancel everything that I didn’t like so far, but I may just be lucky on that front.) And adding to my great scheme, I’ve got another offer lined up for a “free” iPod touch, which coincides nicely with my plan to sign up for a free one month trial of Blockbuster online, which we are going to use to get some DVDs for our drive up to Michigan at the end of the month. Funny how things work out like that sometimes.
Now, does anyone need any kitty litter? Because I have a box of it that I’m not using….