Busy Holiday Weekend

Wow, a lot of stuff happened this weekend. Quick summary: Thanksgiving dinner, ate too much; Ellie’s first sleepover; Ellie doesn’t want to come home the next day, which is fine since we need to buy our new Honda Odyssey EX-L; ran a bunch of errands on Saturday, so much room in this minivan!; raked and cleaned the gutters; put up Christmas decorations; hit the Kennedy Center to see Sandra Boynton (author of many children’s books) and Davy Jones (yes, THAT Davy Jones, click here to watch the performance from the comfort of your own home rather than having to stand for an hour holding a toddler on your shoulders)!
Whew! I’m still sorting through all the crap I need to take care of as part of trading in our old car and buying the new minivan, but I’m finally getting there. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to put up some pictures of our sweet new ride. And yes, I am serious, it is sweet! Leather, heated seats, power sliding passenger doors, totally configurable seating, including the fold-into-floor third row, moonroof, individual climate controls (Lisa can set hers to be warmer than mine), 6 disc CD player, etc, etc. I will also have a followup post on the buying process, which will explain how I worked the price down to $26200 out the door, and got it from the most conveniently located dealer, and in the color we wanted! Now to take care of all the work that’s been stacking up on me.