Waving the Wheat

I have been all things KU the last few weeks and I figured since they are competing in the biggest game in the school’s history (in football) today I would submit a post on the subject.

First, I got to experience the demolishing of the pink shirt defense of Nebraska (a moment of silence for coach Callahan, thank you). Then I went to my first KU BB game at Allen Fieldhouse, you can check out my buddy Shane’s pics of that event. Finally, last weekend I went to the football game last week against Iowa State. I am super excited about watching the game tonight to see how things shake out for the BCS picture…Shortly after the old guys pull hammies in the 2nd annual Turkey Bowl (G-Town vs O-Town, G-Town looks to repeat).

See the pics from the game against Iowa State.

I don’t have a Canon XT like my friend Shane but I do have a Canon – old school style…I was anxious to see how they came out and I don’t think I did too bad of a job.

A shot of a street in Lawrence on our walk to the stadium.

Will call.

KUs pregame at centerfield.

Receiving the kickoff.

A view of the hill, that is where Jenn and I spent most of the Nebraska game.

Lookout dude, you are about to get…jacked up.

KU Cheerleaders show good form.

Sunset at the game, that is when it got darn cold real quick.

Talib in coverage(you can see the yellow flag in the air)

Reesing getting ready to drive 95 yards.

Believe it or not, Talib somehow made this play.

Running to daylight.

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