Ellie’s First Sleepover

Ellie had her first sleepover last night, and she did great!
For the past few years, we’ve been doing Thanksgiving with our surrogate DC area family, the crazy Cajuns. Yesterday, we had dinner over there as usual, and somewhere along the line Ellie and her buddy Claire got it into their heads that they were having a sleepover. We did bring Ellie’s jammies with us, mainly because dinner tends to go late and we knew she’d probably fall asleep in the car on the way home anyway. All through dinner and afterward, they were tag teaming us on the sleepover issue. First Ellie, “Can I have a sleepover?” Two minutes later, Claire, “Can Ellie have a sleepover?” Finally we talked it over amongst ourselves and with Ellie and Claire, and we decided that Claire (and her parents Matt and Mary Beth) was probably as good a friend as any with whom to have a sleepover. So we got Ellie into her jammies and switched car seats around, said good night, and off we went.
And apparently, unless our friends are just too nice, they did great! Ellie slept the whole night and had no complaints. She even wants to tag along with them while they go watch the LSU football game this afternoon. And here we were worried that we were going to get a call at midnight saying Ellie wanted to come home. Not our big girl. “Bye Mom, bye Dad, see ya later!”
As a bonus, Ellie not sleeping in her room meant that we could try harder to get Evan to sleep in his crib, which is located in Ellie’s room, though I guess it’s now the kids’ room. He did pretty well, and slept for a couple of hours before waking up and being very confused about where he was.
I tell ya, these kids grow up so fast!