Freebie Update

I mentioned a while back that I caught the freebie bug again, but that this time, it wouldn’t involve selling out my family. Not too long afterward, I tried out a couple of the offers: a $500 Best Buy gift card for 3 offers, and a $500 Visa card for 3. The cat got out of the bag last week, literally, when the kitty litter trial I signed up for showed up at our door. Did I mention we don’t have cats? Needless to say, Lisa was a bit confused. At any rate, it’s going really well so far. All my offers have been credited, and I sent in my confirmation forms. Now I just have to wait, and also make sure that I cancel the trials before they charge me again. So far, even that has gone well. The kitty litter people canceled my trial when I really only asked them how long the stuff was going to take to get to my house. I was also able to cancel the “Grant Consultant” trial over email, and the “Rising Star” deal was easily canceled over the phone with no hassle (I just need to return their CDs now). I also received $20 in gas cards from signing up for “Great Fun.” So far, I’ve spent $16.93 on one gift card, and $10.74 on the other, and gotten that $20 in gas back, so net, I’m out $7.67 at this point, and while I still have to spend a small amount shipping CDs back, I’ll be just over $10 to potentially get $1000 in gift cards. Not bad for a couple of hours of my time. Now the most frustrating part, the waiting, begins.
I know it’s going to take a while to get the gift cards, butt I do really wish I had the Best Buy one right now, because they have a nice deal on this 26″ LCD HDTV that I might have been using the card on. Oh well, I knew I was going to have to be patient, so hopefully I’ll get something in time for maybe the Super Bowl, otherwise, I’ll settle for my birthday (yes, 5 months from now).