First Haircut!

Now that Evan’s had his first birthday, and a botched haircut won’t screw up those important pictures, it’s time for him to get a haircut. It may not have looked long, but it was getting in his eyes more often, and hanging over his ears a bit too. So off we went to Cartoon Cuts.

He was bit nervous at first, and was definitely having none of sitting in his chair on his own, so he had to sit on Mom’s lap.

The TV distracted him for about 30 seconds, enough time to get a couple of snips in.

Big locks of hair from the first cut.

Taking a bit off the back.

And of course, the reward at the end, playing at the playground. It was hard to get a good shot of how great he looks now, but he is a handsome devil! Not only that, but with the new haircut, he looks like a very cute BOY, not a baby!
Did I mention he took his first toddling steps today? Not quite walking, but definitely getting there.

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