Fun With Car Dealers

I have embarked upon my quest for a new Honda Odyssey. We already are approved for a loan up to $30k from our credit union, so the next step is to get dealers working against each other, and working for our business. Play along with me Internet!
You should be able to view the spreadsheet of bids via Google Spreadsheets. The names and contact info have been removed to protect the innocent. Our credit union is at the top of the sheet and unlike some of the others, only excluded taxes and tags (others exclude freight and processing, etc). UBS is another buying service, but apparently I have to go into their office to get their price.
So, as you can see, Sheehy Honda in Alexandria Criswell Honda in Germantown is currently in the lead! I’m already well below the TMV price of $27,700, so on Monday, I’ll probably email a bunch of the places back asking for revised bids.
A couple of quick notes regarding my strategy. First, I used my number when filling out the contact forms for the dealers. If you don’t have an invite for GrandCentral, go to and ask for one. GrandCentral rocks, and I was able to shunt all the rogue dealers who called me instead of email me, and send them straight to voicemail.
Also, I followed FiveCentNickel’s guide to buying a car as a template. I used his form letter almost verbatim, minus the fax (I only have a work fax, not interested in that). For the most part, the dealers were good, but a few sent form letters asking which model and trim I wanted, so I simply sent them my form letter back so that it didn’t take up too much of my time.
I’ll update as things move along, and fill in the missing details on the spreadsheet as I get them. Enjoy!

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