Evan’s First Birthday Party

Finally, pictures from the party!

Another fine creation by Lisa.

The kids are shivering with antici…pation.

Singing Happy Birthday and getting ready to blow out the candle. Luckily we had a few kids willing to do it, since Evan couldn’t quite do it on his own.

Birthday boy wearing birthday shirt and hat. Just getting started on the cake.

Chowing down now, forget the hat, it was just getting in the way of the uncoordinated hands trying to shovel food into the mouth, and mostly getting face.

Double fisted cake eating action.

Caught him in the act of his favorite head slapping.

I’m not sure when the crown came in, but Ellie’s always been a birthday princess, so why not a birthday prince?

Later, adding ice cream to the mix. What the heck? Couldn’t get messier?

Proud parents with the birthday boy!