The Bar is Open

On Saturday evening, after watching MSU finally become bowl eligible (anyone going to be in Michigan on December 26? Motor City Bowl, baby!), we had Evan’s birthday party. Since he hasn’t really made too many one year old friends, the party consisted of a lot of Ellie’s friends and actual adults. Crazy, I know. What better occasion to officially open the new bar?
We finished painting Ellie’s new twin bed and Lisa moved it upstairs on Friday and managed to reconfigure her room too. I’m still impressed by that, seeing that I wasn’t home to help. Good job! On Friday evening, we cleaned up most of the mess in the basement and hung the Guinness mirror, a present from about 5 years ago that is finally getting put to use. On Saturday, I headed up to Norm’s for some beer. I filled a cooler with ice behind the bar and we were ready to go. On “tap” were Tröegs Mad Elf (previously reviewed), Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Bell’s Winter White Ale (previously reviewed), Smuttynose Winter Ale, and the special of the night, Dogfish Head Pangaea. The Mad Elf was clearly the favorite, with its cherry and honey flavors appealing to even the non-beer drinkers. Lisa didn’t let me wear my hawesome Mad Elf shirt though, it is admittedly tacky for a young one’s birthday party. I enjoyed the Pangaea, but didn’t take enough notes to properly review it. Smuttynose and Celebration Ale reviews will be forthcoming, as I had leftovers of both.
The bar opening was a success for sure. I did find that I will need a new cooler as the old one’s drain busted and leaked all over the floor overnight. I also need to find my sweet Guinness bar towel and get a bar-mounted bottle opener. And something for the bartender to sit on whilst chatting with the customers. All agreed that the bar looks great, and the grand opening was a big success.
Oh, and Evan’s party pictures will be forthcoming. We still haven’t completely cleaned up yet!