Evan Turns One!

Evan officially turned one year old yesterday, and he celebrated with a cupcake from Buzz. We did something similar when Ellie turned one, sort of a test run to see how they would like their first big treat. And trust me, both of them were really into it.

Evan ponders: “What is the strange concoction? Is it mine?”

Well, I put everything else into my mouth, I might as well try this. Not bad!

Like his sister, he’s still working on the frosting at this point, but he’s clearly loving it!

Getting the hang of it. He loves feeding himself, so this was doubly fun for him.

Really into it now. Somewhere around this time I made the mistake of looking at the floor. What a mess! I tried to clean up as much as possible afterward, but I really needed a vacuum to do the job.

Slowing down a bit now. I think he was starting to go into a sugar-induced coma. Dude, you gotta get in on these munchies man!

The cupcake was officially demolished. We’re pretty sure he will do just fine at the party on Saturday. The hard part is going to be keeping him away until we sing and blow out the candle!

Happy birthday little man!