Baseball Finale

I should probably mention that our baseball season is over. We went from first to worst, what a debacle. In our last game, I was the only player with 2 hits, as we managed only 5 overall. I caught, played short and left and did okay. I even threw out a guy at second base, though he probably was safe. The throw beat him and he didn’t slide, so I think the ump called him out for spite. I finished the season with a .360 average, which is good considering how badly I started out, but bad considering how I should have killed the pitching we were up against. Still, it was enough for third best on our team. Now the long wait until March or April.
Luckily, that wait will be plenty filled by curling. In my first “Pizza League” game on Sunday, I was making shots all over the place and we won pretty easily. In contrast, in our Monday night game, I had to skip again since our usual guy was out, and I couldn’t make anything. Everything I threw was missing by either a lot, or just fractions of an inch, and it really drove me nuts. But that’s curling for you, and there’s always next week.