Aw (“Free”) Crap!

Beware, I have been bit by the bug again. It was just about 3 years ago that I sold out my friends and family to get myself a free iPod. And thanks to an innocuous post on Consumerist that linked to Josh Clark’s website, I’m being tempted to get back in the game. On the plus side, this time should not require any referrals from other people. Most of the places that he links to simply require you yourself to sign up for enough trial offers to earn your free crap.  Although, the Macbook Pro offer that got me started on this does require one referral, so let me know if you want to get in on that!  While you should take this all with a very large grain of salt, you can’t argue with his results:

Item What I Paid Retail Value Site/Company Used
MacBook Pro $98.69 $2,000 NuiTech
Xbox 360 $35.82 $400 Netblue
iPod Nano $11.95 $200 Shop FreePay
iPod Shuffle $2 $79 Shop FreePay
Apple AirPort Express $5.87 $129 Shop FreePay
A book $1.87 $10 Shop FreePay
Parallels software package $0 $80 Shop FreePay
$50 Visa card $1.95 $50 Netblue
Xbox 360 games & accessories $21.80 $195 Trainn
$580 check for Apple iPhone $5.45 $580 Trainn
$250 check $2.50 $250 Trainn
$500 (two $250 sites) $13.95 $500 Trainn
*Nintendo Wii $18.98 $250 Netblue
$55.80 check $0 $55.80 FusionCash
42″ Plasma HDTV $53.63 $1,499 I-Deal Direct
†$100 in gift cards $0 $100
Total:  $274.46 $6,377.80

* Items that are in process, but have not yet arrived
Received for signing up for certain offers

I think I’m getting back in the game.