Definitely My Boy

Last night, I was giving Evan a quick bath before I had to head off to curling. Like Ellie, he loves bathtime and splashes around. Lately, he’s taken to picking up bath toys and dumping them over the side of the bath. He’s definitely in gravity-testing mode as he does the same thing with his food at the dinner table. So anyway, he’s splashing around after having emptied the bath for the third time, when he opens his hand, looks at it, and proceeds to smack himself in the head with it, Homer Simpson style. Doh! I laugh, because it just looked funny. He starts giggling too, and then looks at his hand, and does it again! Smack! More giggling and smacking for the next five minutes, until Lisa walks in and just shakes her head at us.
We were having a good time, but then he decided to lean forward, dipping his face in the water, and sucked up a lungful of water. Bathtime over.
Definitely my boy.

2 thoughts on “Definitely My Boy”

  1. And Evan’s been doing it all morning as well. I think it’s more of a “I coulda had a V-8!” sort of smack though…but he still giggles every time.


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