Fun Times

I’ve got almost everything squared away on the website upgrade now. The main page has all the links back to the sub-pages, and is aggregating new stuff nicely (notice the splash of color in the entry titles to correspond with the source?). I figured out the category archive bug that was confusing me, so now the category archives show everything in the category, instead of the past N entries. My own page has all the junk on the sidebar I used to have, minus the book widget, which I still need to figure out. That one may take a while, because the plugin I used for that has changed dramatically, and it also didn’t import the old records like it was supposed to (though it didn’t destroy them either). I may have to dust off some SQL-fu to hack my way around that, though there is also a different plugin that may end up doing something similar to what I want.
As a reward to myself, I’m going to be picking up a FREE bar and 4 barstools sometime this weekend. I honestly have no clue what they look like, nor do I care. It’s a free bar, and I want it. Now I just have to get my neighbor to let me borrow his truck so I can go pick it up! Woo! Man, I hope it doesn’t suck.