Upgrade Complete! Maybe.

Well, that was relatively painless.  I think that I worked out the bugs in upgrading.  The main catch so far is that my book reviews may have to change slightly.  I will have to work on that for my next book review.  The good news is that all the formatting from the old reviews carried over, so all the archives should work properly.  Well, sorta anyway.  It seems to be limiting the number of posts on one page for some reason, which another minor thing I’ll have to figure out.  Still, you can see on the main page that I’ve tweaked the design a little bit, so you can tell when a post is coming from my page, the KC D’s, Ellie, or Evan.  Kinda nifty.  I’m also playing with pages a bit, which I know WordPress has had forever. 
Let me know if you see any bugs or glitches.  Hopefully you feed readers didn’t even notice anything (well, except for my stupid triple post about the upgrade).

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