Our Memory Walk

A while ago Jenn and I decided that we would participate in some type of charity fundraiser at least one time a year. We had a number of different ideas of charities that we wanted to support based on various friends and family members experiences with various diseases. A few walks that we looked up conflicted with other things we were doing so we settled on the Memory Walk. As many of you know Jenn’s stepmother, Jeanne, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease back in 1998. Though I didn’t know her very well before this diagnoses, I did get to watch some of the things that a disease like this can do to a person and their family. Jeanne passed away two years ago and we felt it was a good charity to support in her honor.

We plan on giving it another go next year in hopes of raising more money for the cause. With that said, we enjoyed taking the kids on the walk with us and listening to different people talk about their Alzheimer’s experiences.

Check out the pics

Austin and Taylor enjoyed getting tattoos, no worries they were just temporary.

Taylor even got her face painted, the choice was red hearts.

The next stop was the coloring station. (you can see Taylor’s hair color in the background as well – punk rock pink)

Finally, everyone began walking. As you can see there were quite a few of us. The group set all sorts of fund raising records, it was nice to be a part of.

Proof that we actually participated…Well, everyone but me – I swear that I was taking the pictures!!