Hitting Downtown KC

After our memory walk we decided to check out Crown Center and Union Station to see what the kids might enjoy down there.

First we stopped by my work, I recently moved buildings to 2020 Baltimore in the Crossroads district. It is nice, kind of an older building with newer additions. I like it because, unlike at the downtown airport, I actually have a cube with a real desk. Believe me it is an upgrade.

After that quick stop we were off to Crown Center where we stopped to eat. My choice was the New York style pizza place D’Bronx but the kids had other ideas. D’Bronx is pretty good, probably as good a NY style pizza as you will find in KC. We ended up at the Crayola Cafe which is quite kid friendly (as you might imagine). The kids each got a balloon and a souvenir Crayon cup. The food was surprisingly pretty good.

Lunch wrapped up and we headed over to Union Station. Jenn bought our memberships while the kids and I check out the toy train track set up that will be displayed over the holidays. It is going to be pretty cool when it is all set up, they have all sorts of little towns that the trains go through.

From there we caught the Mars show in the planetarium. We made it about 15 minutes before I started falling asleep and also realized that the show was 45 minutes long. So we hit Science City which we all thought was very cool. We took a tour through the human body, played some music, played some mini golf and I rode the high rope bike(pretty freaky when you are pushing the weight limit and really question whether you won’t tip over. Anyway, we tried to catch the Dinosaur movie but the projector was broken…oh well. Overall, we were pretty pleased with the trip but a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see the movie.

Here are some pics from the day:
A view of the KC skyline to the north from my office.

The view facing south towards Union Station(on the right).


I was showing off my super photography skills with Austin “Flash”.

The aforementioned model train deal.

I forgot to mention that we also went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Union Station.

The kids got to fly around in a helicopter too…ok, they just sat in it but it was pretty neat.

Do, I look a little freaked? I was just joking with Jenn, I swear, I have no fear of heights – none…seriously. And I have never crawled on my hands and knees to the edge of the balcony at the Notre Dame Cathedral(might have been the Arc de Triomphe, I tried to block the memory) in Paris.

Taylor making some music.

Austin showing off this time.

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