We played fairly inconsistent over the last two games on Saturday. In our first game, thanks to a pretty bad miss on my part, we gave up four points in one end, but stayed tough, scoring three back in the next end, and eventually coming back and holding on for the win. In our second game, I had a bad shot that cost us a bit, but we had a chance to tie in the 7th end, but our skip came up short of the house on his last shot and we only scored one point. In the 8th end, we came out and frustrated the other skip. We played three perfect shots in a row, drawing right down to the middle, where the other team could not get us out, behind protection from a guard. They finally got rid of the guard, but our skip missed the chance to put it back up pretty badly. They took advantage and cleared us out, but we still had a chance for a miracle shot. Our skip threw it darned near perfectly, but we just barely nicked a rock and spun away harmlessly, putting us down to defeat. We still stuck together and played pretty well, though inconsistently, even if we didn’t end up with anything to show for it.
My baseball team, on the other hand, was a complete debacle. While we somehow managed to scrape by for the first 6 innings to stay within 5-4, the floodgates opened in the 7th inning through a combination of the opposition’s good hitting and bumbling errors on our part (myself included, as I threw away a bunt attempt by our first baseman). We just haven’t had our regular lineup available most of the season, and we’ve paid for it. Unfortunately, I have to miss next week’s game, which will probably put our team in a bigger hole, as we are playing the “play-in” game for the playoffs.
The Indians suck. That is all about that.
The Giants are sneaking up on Dallas. They (knock on wood) could be 6-2 after playing Miami in London this week, going into their bye week followed by a rematch against Dallas.
The Spartans were lucky they didn’t get their butts handed to them worse than they did. Unable to run the ball, and unable to stop Ohio State’s run, they were fortunate to time all-out blitzes on OSU’s QB to stay close in a game they had no business winning. They still have to win two games against Iowa, Michigan, Purdue and Penn State to have a chance at a bowl game.