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Apropos of yesterday’s breakfast photos, I ran across this CNN/Cooking Light article on eating a healthy breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to see that peanut butter is a recommended breakfast food. Unfortunately, we’re out of peanut butter at the moment, so instead, I microwaved a scrambled egg this morning (not sure why I never thought of that before), and had toast with strawberry jam and an apple with my usual coffee. I didn’t take a picture, though I plan on doing that sometime soon. I will have to wait and see if my slightly new breakfast will help with the pre-lunch hunger bug.
There were interesting responses to my questions on what those two people were eating (3 comments were the most I’ve had in a while). I never would have guessed falafel for the first one, but it does look like it could be.
Two other links for you this morning:
Ten videos to change how you view the world. From the TED conference, some fascinating stuff if you have some spare time. I particularly enjoyed Daniel Gilbert’s “Why Are We Happy? Or Not?” talk, and I added his book to my reading list.
In The New, where you follow Jen’s year-long effort to do one new thing every day until she turns 30. Some interesting, some boring, but one thing every day. Impressive.

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