Not a Book Review

How about a break from book reviews for a while? I’ve been chugging through those pretty well lately, and I’m pretty close to a pace that would put me at 52 for the year, or one book a week, which I never thought I’d be able to do. We’ll see if I can keep it up.
It’s been a busy month already, with a ton of birthdays (plus one more baby that was born last Thursday, congrats to Playground Mom!), and it’s going to get busier this week with the first curling bonspiel of the year. I’m playing with a guy that I played with before, and we’re forming up a team that will travel to beautiful Schenectady, NY for the Dykes bonspiel. The Dykes is for players with 5 years or less of experience, and since I sat out last year, I have one more year of eligibility. I’m excited about our chances, hopefully we’ll have a good team.
Of course, I’m still playing baseball on Sundays. Last week, we played a bunch of high schoolers, all of whom could throw harder than any of us. I struck out twice, once on a good AB, the second on a pitch up in my eyes, then grounded to short, and then beat out a chopper to third. We played them close but still ended up losing. This Sunday could be interesting if our curling team makes it to play in a final, while I also have a 9am baseball game. Unfortunately, the Redskins also play at 1pm on Sunday, and FedEx Field is smack dab in between the baseball field and the curling club. Ugh.
Congrats to the Rockies, who defied all odds and continued their hot streak all the way to the World Series. I sucked in my playoff picks, didn’t I? Go Indians! Beat the Red Sox!
Not to jinx anything, but how bout them Giants? 4-2 after an awful 0-2 start. If we could just stop Eli from throwing stupid picks in the last 2 minutes of a half, I’d feel a lot better. Even so, we have very winnable games at home against San Fran, and in London against Miami before a bye week and a rematch against the Cowboys at home. That is shaping up to be a huge game for the NFC East if things keep up.
Look for another book review later this week!