Via Kottke, a fascinating photo set of people and their breakfasts. I found it interesting to see how the people who had just coffee looked more tired and ragged than those who ate more proper breakfasts. Mine is usually a bowl of cereal (this week I’m indulging and having Crunch Berries, shut up, they’re delicious!) with a banana cut on top, with black coffee on the side. I may have to have the old PB on toast though, and the bacon on a cream cheese bagel looks delectable.
Side note: Can anyone tell me what these two people are eating?

4 thoughts on “Breakfast”

  1. I’m going to go with a black bean cake and grapefruit for the first. Hot chocolate and a breakfast pizza, no cheese just crust and sauce.


  2. My breakfast Saturday morning:




    (The first looks like a falafel with a bowl of Parmagiano-Reggiano wedges. The second, some sort of whole grain flat cake with raisins and a latte.)


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