Hacker-Pschorr Weisse

By request! This was initially the only Hacker-Pschorr I could find, and the requesters were not specific, so this is what I got. Last chance for a summer beer. I did also end up seeing their Oktoberfest, so I may try that later as well.
Ah, the joys of having a proper glass with which to enjoy the last summer beer of the season. My bottle was just over a pint (500 ml), but filled my hefeweizen glass nicely with room to spare.
Nice orange color in the middle, fading to a dark yellow on the sides, with a good white foamy head.
Good banana aroma, as one might expect, with some clove spiciness too. A touch of tartness as the beer hits the tip of my tongue, and the cloves and a peppery finish are more prominent now, with wheat coming through as well. A tad bit watery, but still quite bold.
Good stuff, and I’ll keep it in mind for next summer.
Overall rating: 4.45