Yeah, That Sucked

How many times could the Yankees get multiple men on base and not score? Ridiculous. As much as you can criticize the decision to pitch Wang on short rest (and I heard rumors this morning that it wasn’t Torre who made the decision), their hitters just flat out sucked in key situations.
First inning: first and second, one out. A-Rod strikes out, Posada lines out.
Second inning: Bases loaded, one out. Damon fouls out, Jeter reaches on a near extra-base hit, Abreu flies out. One run.
Third inning: Man on second, one out. Matsui grounds out, Cano flies out.
Sixth inning: After Cano homered, first and third, one out. Fly ball gets you within 3. Jeter grounds into double play.
In all, the Yankees were 1 for 9 with runners in scoring position, and every batter left at least 2 men on base. You can’t win playing like that, and it’s hard to pin it on the manager too, even though Steinbrenner certainly will. And maybe it is time for a change…

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  1. And hate to beat this to death, but the Indians were unconscious with RISP and 2 outs. Not THAT’S timely hitting.


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