Please, Not An Ear Infection!

Somehow, we managed to make it through Ellie’s early years with no ear infections or any major illnesses for that matter. Contrast that to our neighbor across the street who had to have tubes put in his ears, he got so many ear infections.
Well, our luck ran out. Last week, Evan was running a mild fever, which wasn’t too alarming, but it also lasted for a few days, which is more than Lisa was comfortable with. She took him to the doctor, who determined that he had roseola and an ear infection. Damn! He has always tended to claw at his ears when he gets fussy, but previous doctor visits haven’t turned up anything when looking at the ears, so we didn’t think much of it. Now though, we’re hoping this will be the only one. No wonder he was so pissed when we tried to take his temperature with the ear thermometer!

1 thought on “Please, Not An Ear Infection!”

  1. Somehow boys tend to get more ear infections than girls. Believe me I know. With Drew it happened because his ear just couldn’t drain all the fluid out properly. Tubes really were a godsend and he hasn’t had an ear infection since!


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