Johnny Damon (!) Saves Yankees Season

Of all the possible heroes you could have listed for a Game 3 scenario, you’d probably have said Roger Clemens, Derek Jeter, even Alex Rodriguez before you even came to Johnny Damon. But Clemens went out early (too bad his career pretty much ended like that), Jeter went 0-for-4 (and only has one hit in the series), and A-Rod, despite breaking his hitless streak, didn’t actually bat in any key situation. Instead, it was Johnny Damon who hit the key three-run homer, and Philip Hughes who came in for Clemens and held the Indians scoreless until the 7th inning when he passed the baton to Joba and Mo, who closed out the win. If nothing else, at least the Yankees can now say they didn’t get swept like the rest of the Division Series matchups.
Ellie went to a class at the zoo on Saturday morning, and we decided on a zoo theme for Evan’s first birthday. Lisa is already going to town with the theme ideas (lion cake with coconut mane, Chunky Monkey ice cream, etc). It’s still hard to believe he’s turning one in less than a month!
Our baseball team was short-handed again yesterday, which ended up hurting us in the field, again. I played shortstop and catcher, and had a decent game. I walked three times at the plate, and struck out once after a great full count battle where I fouled off four pitches before he froze me on a borderline back door slider. With two outs in my last at-bat and down by one run, I walked, stole second on the first pitch, stole third on the second pitch, and got stranded 90 feet from tying the game. The opposing pitcher was smart and pitched from the stretch with me at third base so I couldn’t steal home.
Is it seriously October? The forecast is for 90 degrees again today (it was 90 yesterday too), and it’s not going to get cooler until Wednesday! You’re not supposed to have to run your AC in October!

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