Chance Encounter with Joe Torre

Last weekend, I mentioned that we went up to Baltimore to catch the O’s-Yankees game with my cousin. The next day, he took a walk down to Starbucks for some coffee, placed his order, and went over to wait, when he heard a familiar voice. Joe Torre was there, ordering a hot chocolate! And here I thought he was a tea guy, but maybe that’s an October thing. He proceeded to chat Joe up, shaking like a school girl the whole time. He told Joe to be sure the guys pounded Sabathia and Carmona, and Joe asked if my cousin was available to pinch hit. Uh oh, they could be in trouble.
Well, at least Joe probably won’t pull his ace pitcher after 6 innings and 85 pitches so that he can be ready to pitch on three days rest IN A GAME THAT IS NOT GUARANTEED TO TAKE PLACE!!! Nice job Lou.