I Missed a Lot, Apparently

What a busy weekend. Can I have another weekend so I can get some sleep?
On Saturday morning, we drove up to Baltimore for the day. They were having a book festival near my cousin Bill’s house, though not as big as the one in DC. We got signed children’s books from a couple of authors, and that was about it. I never did find out where Larry Doyle (author of “I Love You, Beth Cooper”) was. We then headed over to the B&O Railroad Museum. It was Museum Day, so admission was free for me and Lisa, and we only had to pay $8 for Ellie. We rode the train, and saw all the old timey rail cars, and Ellie had a blast. We also found out that Thomas, everyone’s favorite Communist train, will be visiting in the Spring next year. We’ll have to find time to get up to Baltimore for that. Then, the point of the trip, watching the Yankees take on the Orioles in a meaningless game. Andy Pettitte was far from good, but managed to get the win by pitching 5 innings. How did he win? The Yankees batted around in the 4th inning before the Orioles were able to record an out. And almost the whole time, I was in line at the concession stand. Gah! Ellie and Evan toughed it out to the 8th inning, and we didn’t miss anything important, as the Yankees won 11-10.
So obviously, I didn’t catch any of the MSU-Wisconsin game, though I understand we gave them a run for their money. Who knows, with this year’s topsy-turvy Big Ten (Illinois beat Penn State?), MSU may make a decent bowl game. They have two home games against Northwestern and Indiana before heading to Ohio State. Don’t look ahead, and they could be 6-1 before a brutal five game finishing stretch.
On Sunday, we woke up late and had to scramble around to get ready. I was leaving for my baseball game, and Lisa was going to a picnic. I was a little late to the game, but only missed the top of the first. I ended up going 1 for 3 (though my last at-bat probably would have been a sac fly, had the outfielder not dropped the easy fly ball), and played decent in the field, though I needed to work on my throws to first, which were pretty wild.
I finally got to relax a bit for the Giants game last night, and was shocked to see the defense utterly shut down the Philly team that had put up 56 their previous game (Brian Westbrook notwithstanding). Could they be this good? They have 4 very winnable games coming up against the Jets, at Atlanta, San Fran, and against Miami (in London). Crazy.
MLB playoff post upcoming…