Baseball Playoff Preview

So, I did okay with my baseball predictions. I really don’t know where I got the Rangers from though, but if the Padres win tonight, I’ll have gotten 5 of the 8 teams right. Not bad for a March prediction. Happily for the Nationals (but not the Mets), they exceeded my prediction by a full ten games, and seem to have a better manager than many thought, if not much else.
The playoffs (not counting the tie-breaker game today) start Wednesday, with the Red Sox against the Angels, and the Yankees against the Indians on Thursday. The Cubs will play the Diamondbacks and the Phillies play the winner of the Padres-Rockies game.
If last year showed me anything, it’s that momentum means two things: jack and shit. Last year, the Cardinals backed into the playoffs and went on to win the World Series. This year, the Rockies (if they make it) are the hot team, but play the Phillies, who also got hot to overtake the choke job Mets. On to the predictions.
I’ll go with the Angels and the Yankees in the first round, and the Phillies and the Cubs. In the World Series, I’ve got the Yankees (I hope) beating the Phillies, but that is obviously my bias. The Angels are playing well, and could win it all as well (I don’t see an NL team winning this year).