A Day at Arrowhead

After experiencing Kauffman Stadium watching the Royals you would think little of fans in the KC area…But check out a Chiefs game and you walk away with a whole different perception. This was my third year (Jenn’s first!!) going to the Chiefs home opener and each year I am overwhelmed by the experience. The group of people we go with, mostly college friends and family, do the entire experience. We arrived at Arrowhead before the gates opened at 8:30am, played a little catch in the street while waiting and then headed in for some pre-game tailgate action. The group are partial to beermosas, a concoction of beer (Jason slums with Beast Light while most humans opt for Bud Light or Miller Lite) and OJ. We grill of course, play some washers(Bryan and I rule), a little catch and BOO about everyone wearing something besides red – which includes those Chiefs fans that for whatever reason do not wear red…Seriously, who wears a freaking brown polo to a Chiefs-Vikings game?!? Idiot. I preferred giving it to the guys wearing Culpepper or Moss jerseys, nothing like living in the past(although Priest Holmes jerseys are quite prevalent at Arrowhead, at least he is still technically a Chief). After everyone is a bit saucy, we are ready to enter the stadium in time for kickoff…Thanks to Mike (not me) we walked around the entire stadium before finding our seats, so not only did we miss the kickoff, we missed the Vikings first score (it took a minute or so). We climbed the mountain to our seats, row 22 in section 307. That sounds really high because IT IS!! But really, the seats aren’t that bad. Ask Mike (not me again), he really thinks Herm and Mike Solari can hear him from up there.

The game was pretty atrocious overall but we had a blast. I think we are both Chiefs fans now, I thought it would be impossible to convert but I tell you it is an unbelievable experience taking in a game at Arrowhead. If you ever have the opportunity, do it. I will certainly be staying home any time the Chiefs face the Jets, I can’t experience that again!

Pictures below…

Jenn and I enjoying our seats at the game.

A realistic view from our seats in the 300 level.

A view of the action

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Sorry I have not written sooner but I wanted to thank you for going recently with your Mom to Florida. If you hadn’t gone I think I would definitely have gone but your support was better than mine could be. You guys are great. Keep in touch and I hope Taylor has agreat birthday.
    Love AK


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