Bionic Woman review

So I watched Bionic Woman last night and this morning. Sort of like the Heroes premiere went, it was largely a setup episode to get Jaime her bionic body, and introduce the Katee Sackoff character (she just wants to be loved, is that so wrong?) and a few others who will come into play later (her boyfriend’s possible evil dad). It has potential, but I was pretty disappointed in the performance of Michelle Ryan. She was pretty good in the action scenes, but was fairly bad in anything that required, oh, acting. Hopefully she’ll get better, but she’s no Jennifer Garner.
I still have the Chuck premiere on Tivo to watch. But I did watch the Prison Break premiere, which was the best premiere for that show so far. Too bad the audience didn’t show up for it (down 2 million viewers from last year).
Just for fun, check out user buckshotwon (aka Adrian Pasdar) on YouTube. Some good behind the scenes videos there.