Bridled Optimism

Before leaving work on Friday, I told my co-worker (a Notre Dame and Washington Redskins fan) that I’d be happy as long as MSU and the Giants didn’t lose this weekend. I think we know how those two games worked out, but in case you didn’t: they both WON! Thank goodness for that, because otherwise I would have had to listen to the 3-0 Redskins talk for two full weeks (they are on bye this week). Eli still worries me at times (get rid of the ball, and do it by NOT launching it 50 yards downfield into double-coverage), and MSU is still quite reliant on the running game, which may struggle against better defenses (like, oh, at Wisconsin this week?), but their defense has improved, particularly in their pass rush.
In baseball news, the Yankees managed to keep the division within 1.5 games, with one more home game against Toronto tonight. Too bad the D-Rays couldn’t keep the lead the other night, or that the Yankees came back from 4 down only to lose in extra innings. Our baseball team lost yesterday in a comedy of errors. Only it wasn’t so funny. We were way short on our regular (read: good) players, and though we kept it close for a while, our bats weren’t getting it done either. I had a base hit on the first AB, walked, almost got a duck snort into short left, but was caught, and struck out on a good swing on a hard fastball.
We did do some fun non-sports-related stuff this weekend. On Saturday, we headed out to Bull Run park for the first (?) Capitol City Carnival. We didn’t stay around to watch George Clinton, but we had fun hanging out with the medievally attired hippies for a few hours. Oh, and did I mention there was beer? I wasn’t particularly impressed by anything. The Floris Wit was pretty good, as was the Troegenator (I got an awesome shirt from them too). I didn’t take notes, so no official reviews, not that 4 oz was enough to review anyway. On Sunday after the baseball game, we saw Robbie Schaefer (from Eddie From Ohio) give a free kids concert (with free Moorenko’s ice cream!), and Ellie was seen tapping her toes and joining in the singing (even though she didn’t know the words). We also took the first drive (in pre-Redskins-Giants traffic) up to the curling club for the membership meeting. We did get a free dinner for my near-$500 check (ouch!), and I’m looking forward to getting out on the ice. Hard to believe in the 85-90 degrees and sunny weather that curling season is only a few weeks away!

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  1. I’m currently looking through websites to order some t-shirts for Christina and I for this weekend. We’re going to go to the Purdue Alumni bar and watch the game. On another note, I had Eli in for fantasy football and I wanted the Giants to win (and as always I like watching the Redskins lose), but I had him in instead of Donovan…… 😦


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