Roger Update

I just wanted to send everyone a quick note to let you know that I got out of the hospital on Sunday evening. This operation appears to have gone well. I am feeling a little better each day as my body learns to adapt to my new GI tract and my incision heals. Hopefully, I can start gaining some weight back (I am now down to a svelte 130 lbs – same as my freshman year in college), and get more energy to do the things I enjoy.
This second surgery was part of the plan and removed my temporary Ileostomy to allow my body to use the J-pouch that was created during my first surgery. After it was determined that my hydration and quick transit time of food in my system was due to the placement of the Ileostomy. Meaning that I did not have a long length of bowel to absorb anything, therefore, food and water were having a tough time staying in my system long enough to provide me with the nutrients I needed. So the determination was made to do this second surgery sooner than later (Though it had already been 6 months, but the doctors were trying to solve the dehydration issues before the second surgery). The surgery was much quicker since I had the J-pouch created on the first surgery and I did not develop any fevers or infections (So far) so the hospital stay wasn’t nearly as long. I was just there for monitoring and to ease me onto solid foods again (I was on a liquid diet for about 4 days). Obviously, I still have some pain as my incision sight heals and I have some pains as my body figures out its new functions with the new GI tract, but overall, I feel pretty good. I still have a ways to go as my body adapts and heals and I get used to my new GI tract, but this definitely is the long awaited home stretch.
Now, once I get healed up and functioning close to normal; we’ll be sending Wendy to have her Gall Bladder removed. After that, we plan on flipping our calendar to 2008 because 2007 has not exactly been a banner year.
Again, I thank you all for your support and kind words throughout this ordeal. Hopefully, as I heal, life will begin to get back to normal again.
May your health be with you,