Our trip to Kauffman

About a week and a half ago, Jenn and I took the kids to the Yankees-Royals game. We got to see the Yanks pull off the sweep and A-Rod’s 52nd homer.

The deal was pretty awesome. The family fun at the park tickets were $10 each, including the ticket(left field bleachers), a hot dog, a drink and a tub of popcorn. Not bad for $40 total. After the game we all got to run the bases down on the field which was way more fun than I anticipated. With our ticket stubs, we got four sundaes from our favorite ice cream(frozen custard) spot Sheridan’s.

We had a blast! Of course, it helped that the Yankees won!!

All of us at the park.

You can see Taylor and Jenn close to third base, Austin was blazing around those bases.

See me?!?! I was on TV!!!