Getting in Curling Shape

The curling season is just around the corner, and with this being my last year in the five-and-under category, I’m focused on getting myself ready for a run at the Dykes championship. As many people already know, being in baseball shape is very different than being in any other kind of shape. You don’t usually have to do much in baseball other than sprint for 270 feet at the most, and it doesn’t take much to be in baseball shape (see: John Kruk). The first bonspiel of the season is about a month away, so I decided that it’s about time I started getting in shape. Unfortunately for me, I caught a cold from my snotty nosed kids, so running is out for a few more days till I get over it. But this morning while waiting for my oatmeal to cook, I did a quick set of 20 pushups and 50 situps. The pushups weren’t too bad, but I’ve never had such a bad time doing situps. Talk about feeling the burn! I was barely able to get myself to stand up. Clearly, I have work to do before I’m ready to sweep a bunch of rocks down the ice all day.

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