An OK Sunday

After a fine Saturday, it was time to play two on Sunday. Our little baseball league added one team, putting us at five teams total. Unfortunately, that means that one team is the odd one out each week, so the players for the early game combine forces to play a second game. Well, theoretically at least. I was one of only two players from my team who combined with most of the other team to play the second game. I really gotta remember to hit the batting cage before trying to come in cold and hit for real. Two popouts, a couple of strikeouts and a walk. Yech. The second game though, I did smoke one against the hardest throwing pitcher of the day. Right back to the pitcher. Damn. I even got the chance to pitch in the second game. 1 inning, a bit of wildness to start, but I settled down and didn’t give up a run, thanks to two hard hit balls right to the centerfielder.
If you watch the video highlights from the Yankees game yesterday, you can see my brother (halfway up in the dark blue Yankees jersey) running to the bullpen wall to watch A-Rod’s 52nd homer of the year. Dude is on fire. The Yankees need to stay focused against Toronto starting tomorrow, before heading to Boston for their last chance to catch the Red Sox.
And didn’t I tell you the Giants would get killed? At least the score was somewhat close, something of a miracle since the Giants were getting hurt left and right (Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora, Eli Manning). I turned the game off after the Giants settled for a field goal on 4th and 5 from the Dallas 6 (which left them two scores down, still), and Tony Romo hit a wide open Terrell Owens for a TD to put them up by 16. I missed two quick TD throws by Manning, one to fantasy football waiver wire pickup Derrick Ward, who did well in Jacobs’ place. And yet, there was Romo firing across the middle (again!) for the game sealing TD. Maybe they’ll have better luck this week against the Packers, and hopefully the assorted injuries are not too severe.

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  1. I am sure all of you out there saw me on ESPN, the autograph requests have filled my mailbox. I promise I won’t big time any of you, I’ll get to your requests eventually.

    And, my fantasy team won even though I had Big Ben on the bench in favor of Philip ‘moon’ Rivers.


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