Another Good Saturday

MSU manages to beat Bowling Green to go 2-0. U-M loses, again, this time in a blowout to Oregon. Notre Dame gets killed again by Penn State this time. Both are 0-2. I don’t think MSU has been 2-0 while U-M and Notre Dame were 0-2, ever.
And A-Rod hit #50 and 51, and it looks like the Yankees are cruising again.
I expect the Giants to get killed tomorrow as a result of all the good results today.
Today was also a bizarre food day. This morning, we stopped by Starbucks for the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season (thanks for letting me know, Shane!). Then this afternoon, we had watermelon for a snack, since it was still around 90 degrees outside. I really do want it to be fall. Winter can wait though.

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