For those who will be joining us for Ellie’s birthday bash(es, yes there will be more than one), and for those who can’t make it, here’s a taste of what’s in store. For the Saturday party (Ellie’s friends, the kid party), there will be assorted space games and activities, including space snow globes and paper rockets. For the Sunday party (family and close friends, more adult party), there will be rum-marinated chicken mango pineapple kabobs, with some sort of appetizer, possibly crab dip. There will also be plenty of adult beverages, including beer chosen by yours truly, and there’s been an unconfirmed rumor of a guest offering to make mojitos. Could be interesting.
Oh yeah, and here’s the cake:

We all think Lisa should start charging for these things…

3 thoughts on “Preview”

  1. Look out Ace of cakes…
    Now…from what I could tell it appears that all the heat shield tiles are in place.
    Nice job.


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