Fractured Prune

So not only did the grand opening of the new Fractured Prune have free donuts, but they also had free Seattle’s Best coffee. We were totally planning on buying coffee there too, to offset the freebies. Now we’ll just have to go back to spend some money. Every. Single. Day.
Oh man, those donuts were yummy. Usually on Saturday mornings, we head up to the farmers market for some crepes and produce. But that’ll be ending once winter kicks in, so we found our new Saturday morning breakfast place, and we’re not stopping till we tried them all.
Among us (and we brought our neighbor friends as well), we had two “Carnivals” (the girls), a “Blueberry Hill” (the boy), a “Trail Mix” (me), a “Reese Cup” (Lisa), and a “Sand” (our neighbor mom). We all enjoyed our hot, dripping with goodness donuts, and we’ll be back soon as paying customers.