Trivia Answers And a Tease

In answer to my trivia questions from our road trip, I only honked my horn once (!) the whole trip, although I was honked at a few more times than that. We left a little after 4pm and got into our house just before midnight, making the total trip time just under 8 hours, including meals. It seems miraculous that it only took that long.
In the mail yesterday, I found a small package addressed to me. I couldn’t figure out why I was getting a package. I had already received my fantasy football trophy, and the batteries I got for Ellie. Turns out that some time ago, I filled out a freebie form on the Bass website, and they sent me two promotional CDs called “The New British Invasion,” featuring artists such as Badly Drawn Boy and Fat Boy Slim. So whenever I have another trivia contest, that will be the prize. Maybe then I’ll get some more comments!
It’s one week from Ellie’s birthday, and she’s getting really excited. Trying to find things to do with an over-excited toddler on rainy days like the past three is tough. Today though, the Fractured Prune donut shop is opening its latest store in the strip mall near our house and offering free donuts from 4-7pm. I am just that kind of guy who will be leaving work early to check them out. I’m thinking the Trail Mix donut looks good.

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  1. Hey, since you are going by the donut shop, don’t forget about your co-workers….. I’ll take a Pebble Beach, or a Peppermint Patty, or a Rolo… MMMMM just so many tasty donuts to choose from!!!!! I feel like Homer Simpson!! MMMMMMM, DONUT, MMMMMMMM


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