Bizarre Holidays: Creamsicle Day

During our “Pets on Wheels” visits to the nursing home, we noticed something interesting. Every so often on their calendar, they would have a day devoted to a particular food, or some such. “National Watermelon Day” or “National Pecan Pie Day.” We wondered where they came up with them, so I did a little research. I found the Bizarre American Holidays website, which in spite of being designed in the early 90s, has a lot of great holidays. The Holiday Insights website also has some additional holidays. Searching through Google Calendars for “bizarre holidays,” I found a calendar that I have since added to gCal, so that I am aware of upcoming good eating holidays.
Here is the XML link, and the iCal link, for embedding into your own calendar.
Yesterday was National Creamsicle Day, so we had bought our Creamsicles at the grocery store over the weekend. They are, in fact, just as good as you remember: creamy orange goodness. Yum.
I am going to start writing when we take part in some of these bizarre “holidays,” but I’m not sure how many we will actually do. Still to come in August are Bratwurst Festival Day (16th), Potato Day (19th), National Spumoni Day (21st), National Spongecake Day (23rd), National Cherry Popsicle Day (26th), and National Toasted Marshmallow Day (30th). We previously participated in National Smores Day (August 10th, shockingly not on the aforementioned calendar link, but is on Holiday Insights) and National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (August 2). Did I mention that Ellie really likes this idea?

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  1. Suggestion for Bratwurst days passed along from my friends in Wisconsin. Simmer the brats in a mixture of beer, onions and butter for about two hours. This should cook ’em good, if you’re not ready to eat that day, keep them in the beer mixture overnight, then grill to warm and brown them. Yum. Extra points if it’s a cheap wisconsin beer


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