Windows Are In!

Thompson Creek arrived yesterday morning around 9am. We had spent Sunday evening moving furniture away from the windows, and taking down all the curtains to get ready. They promised to be done with our 10 double-hung windows and one bay window by the end of the day, and we were hoping they were right, since we don’t much care for living in a fishbowl with no curtains separating us from the street.
They picked a good day to install, as the temperature was “only” in the high 80s, and it wasn’t oppressively hot, so having no A/C wasn’t a huge problem (it was still quite warm though). I called Lisa around 2:30pm, and she said they were working on getting the last window in, and that they should be done soon. When I got home though, we realized that they were almost done installing, but not nearly done cleaning up the remnants of the old windows. Still, it wasn’t too much longer until they were done.
Wow. Just, wow. The new windows are a 1000% improvement over the old ones. Granted, our old ones were 50 years old, but these new windows are nice. Last night, we left all of the windows in the house open for the first time ever. Before, there were 2 or 3 windows that were never opened. Now, every single one opens quickly and easily. Plus, we had to air out the stink of the caulking. Yuck! A necessary evil though.
Oh man, are we ever glad that we decided to get a bay window. The thing is hu-uge! It seriously takes up the entire wall of the living room, and not only can Ellie lie down in there, but I’m pretty sure I could as well. It is just unfinished wood right now though, so we will have to decide what to do with it (probably stain to match the lamp table). The biggest problem is going to be keeping Ellie out of that thing. She already knows how to open the window via the crank handle (child-proofing tips anyone?), and she can hide behind the curtains fairly easily.
I took a bunch of pictures after I got home, so I will try to post them tomorrow (but you know how that goes). Suffice to say, we are more than happy with the results. So happy that we went out to Tequila Grande for celebratory dinner and margaritas! The windows look awesome!

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  1. I know the feeling. Our new windows were a huge improvement over our old ones. Now I just have to get some insulation in our walls and our house will really save us some $$ on energy bills. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the Bay. I am glad you went with it.


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