First Day of School!!

The first day of Kindergarten is here!! I can’t freaking believe it…And yes, I was the dorky parent with the camera the whole way.

To start, Austin woke up first and decided he wanted to join Taylor for a few extra minutes of shut eye:

Packing up:

The first stop was Austin’s preschool, he and Taylor are now both going to school in town but different schools. He actually started yesterday, oh well. The class was outside on the little playground because it is supposed to get up to over 100 degrees later today, pre 8 am playground time sounds good to me!!

Now on to Taylor’s school:

I think she looks ready to go!! No tears from this child.


Within 5 minutes, she was at her desk coloring:

And that was it!! I will post the poem that they gave us later on (it came with kleenex!):

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