Quite Possibly the Craziest Thing I’ve Done (This Year)

Back in April or May sometime, I ran across a promotion from Doubletree Hotels in honor of Arbor Day: just submit your email address and real address, and they’d send you two trees to plant. Free trees? I sent in my info, and forgot about it. Until today, when this arrived in my inbox:

Your order has been confirmed by our team and you are one of
35,000 people across the U.S. and Canada who will receive
two live seedling trees as part of the Doubletree® Pledge to
Plant Challenge. As a result of your efforts and those of
others who participated in this unique re-greening campaign,
more than 150,000 trees will be planted by people just like
you as well as through reforestation efforts by the National
Arbor Day Foundation.

To support the optimal survival of your trees, and due to
the overwhelming response to this campaign, we have worked
with our friends at the National Arbor Day Foundation to
determine the right time to send trees to your part of the
country. We anticipate sending the seedling trees to the
address you provided to us in your Pledge sometime in
October or November.


Your friends at Doubletree Hotels

Apparently, they were serious about the whole “sending you two trees” thing. Wow.

1 thought on “Quite Possibly the Craziest Thing I’ve Done (This Year)”

  1. Well, I am looking for a new one to go in our front yard if you can’t find a place for two of them (Of course it depends on the type of tree). Our Sugar maple is dying a slow death (It is really large for the extension and the city was already by once to take it down but I begged to keep it (Until I found a suitable (Cheap) replacement.
    Or you could plant both of them and tell Ellie one is hers and once is Evan’s. You’ve got some room in your back yard.


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