Moving Right Along

I was shocked to see last night that my Neteller money had been deposited already! Not a bad turnaround. I don’t think they were that fast when they were in business.
I’ve been giving away GrandCentral invites like candy, and I have one left, if you’re interested. Turned out, the geeks at work were definitely very interested.
We had our fantasy football draft lottery yesterday, and I got the #3 pick for the second year in a row. Any FF geeks out there with an early line on who to take at #3? Prior to his injury, Frank Gore seemed to be the consensus pick there. Hopefully Larry Johnson gets his butt into camp soon. We’re finally getting a trophy for our league this year, so for once, more than bragging rights are on the line.
I found out today that one of my favorite breweries, Dogfish Head, is opening an alehouse in nearby Falls Church. Dangerous to have it so close.
How funny was it that almost every other Yankee homered last night, but not A-Rod? He did hit the ball well though. And, uh, Wilson Betemit? Huh?!?!

1 thought on “Moving Right Along”

  1. Frank Gore @ #3 all day long. The guys from the 2007 Pro Football Prospectus have him listed as the projected #1 fantasy player for 2007, and I trust their statistical analysis a great deal. Heck, they were the guys who said that following a career year in 05 for LaDanian Tomlinson, that 2006 would see him set a career-best in TDs.

    Go with Gore.


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