Evan is hitting a major spurt lately. When Ellie was his age, she had a hard time sleeping when learning something new, or growing. She would be trying to roll over in her sleep, and a few days later, she’d have it in the conscious world. Evan seems to be similar. He’s fighting sleep a lot more lately, and he’s trying all sorts of new things. He never really rolled over much, once or twice at the most with the traditional log roll (he prefers the sit up and sort of lever yourself over method), so he’s decided to skip that and move on to bigger and more dangerous things.
He is real big on leaning forward from the sitting position to get on his knees. Not crawling yet, but very useful for grabbing things that used to be out of reach. He gets a good rocking action going too, and it’s a matter of time before he figures out to move his legs under him.
More dangerously, he is scooting himself across the floor (using that rocking motion I mentioned), and getting up next to something that he can use to pull himself up. Last night, he was really interested in some paper sitting on the piano bench, and got his little hands up on top and pulled himself almost to a standing position. Very dangerous, especially since he really has no sense of balance at the moment. If you hold him up by his hands, you have to hold on tight because he will wobble all over.
Last but not least, he’s getting his first tooth! Lisa checked this morning and said she could feel a bit of the tooth when rubbing his gums. I’m fairly sure this was accompanied by a lecture on breastfeeding etiquette (no biting!!!!).

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