Phone Update

SunRocket finally acknowledged that they are going out of business on their home page. At least they stopped taking new orders! They also finally sent an email to customers about the situation, offering two companies who are taking on SunRocket refugees: Packet8 and TeleBlend. Packet8 has been around for a while, and they are offering the $199/year plan. I’ve never heard of Teleblend before, and it looks like they are brand new, and possibly are some of the same people that were behind SunRocket (they magically appeared right after SunRocket went under), so no thanks. While we were gone, we got our equipment from Verizon VoiceWing, but I haven’t had the chance to hook it up yet. Our SunRocket stuff still seems to be working, which is good, but who knows how long it’ll last. So for now, at least, we’ll be moving it over to VoiceWing. I will let everyone know when and if they need to use a new number.
I also got a Verizon flyer for the FIOS triple play: $99/month for TV, phone and internet. When we got home yesterday, one of the DirecTivos was on the fritz, but easily revived. Unfortunately, it has been doing that more frequently, and I worry that it may go kaput soon. It would be an excuse to switch services, so I am going to look into how much it would realistically cost to move everything to Verizon. The Verizon flyer is so poor that it doesn’t even tell you when the $99/month rate expires, just that it requires a two-year internet commitment. It also doesn’t say how many boxes it includes, since you have to have a cable box to use it. Technically, it could be cheaper than our current services, but maybe not, once you figure in taxes, extra boxes, etc. I did notice that Tivo has a new lower priced HD unit, and selling off the DirecTivos on eBay could help fund that. Hmmm…
So there you have it. Keep trying the old phone number for now, until we tell you otherwise. And if you don’t get through, let me know!